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1 The VC was first awarded after the Crimean War and is made from a gun captured from a battle in that war.

2 The youngest person to win the VC was Andrew Fitzgibbon who got the award at the age of 15.

3 A total of 1358 people have been awarded the cross since its inception .

4 Queen Victoria granted one woman Elizabeth Harris the cross but it was not made from the captured gun of the Crimea.

5 Traditionally the ribbon of the Cross is maroon for the Army and blue for the Navy.

6 Three people have won the cross twice

7 Only 15 crosses have been awarded since World War 2

8 The Medical Corps have won 27 crossess

9 The VC. is awarded for the highest acts of bravery performed in wartime in the presence of the enemy

10 All the services can be awarded the medal and it does not discriminate by rank

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