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Your Ideal Customer online

With the establishment of the internet and on line marketing our ideal customer is becoming easier to access. There are many methods of discovering who they are by using analytics niche marketing and building email lists whilst connecting to relevant forums.

Within this process we can focus on two fundamental approaches. When you are selling a service your customer doesn’t get a taste of what you do from your marketing alone. In this case you are primarily selling yourself and providing something for free to encourage their interest.

The second approach is selling a product. If the product is well known you simply need to remind the customer of the benefits of the product whereas if it isn’t , you are back to selling yourself by building trust.

If on the other hand you are new to business and are considering using internet marketing you should consider the options. Affiliate marketing is a good example where you can sell other companies products on your site and get a commission as the ” middleman ” Many companies have affiliate schemes which you can sign up to. However you will still need to build a presence so customers will find your site. To do this you will need to find a way of attracting a following related but independent to what you are selling. Again your passions with research will help you identify the kind of things people are looking for.

Finally if you are really at the beginning of your journey into the online business and you don’t know what to sell , you should start from two angles. Firstly as already mentioned build your business around what you enjoy are passionate about and are interested in. Secondly identify a need within your experience. If you had trouble getting a product so will your ideal customer. If you needed a service that you couldn’t access so will your ideal customer. If you find yourself frustrated and complaining about something, that is an excellent starting point. The good news is we all need and want similar thing so your niche market starts from what you personally require.


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