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I think all school children and older people for that matter would benefit from learning a musical instrument. We develop our learning in many different ways and there is no activity that covers this better than studying an instrument.

Firstly it develops our visual interpretation skills by learning to read music and that is followed by improving our our eye to hand coordination. The instrument also improves our dexterity with general coordination through countless practice.

Secondly the instrument will develop the interpretation of sound with the auditory sense .Music is also very therapeutic and helps us improve our mood. It has a strong emotional content which we associate with building relationships and lasting friendships . When you learn an instrument you are more able to appreciate expert musicians and enjoy their professionalism. Brass and woodwind instruments also have the added benefit of developing our breathing skills so useful in controlling mood.

You might wonder, what if you are no good at playing , are tone deaf or hate the process of practice. I fully understand this dilemma as I really struggled learning the piano. I finally found my forte( excuse the pun) when I took up singing. However I still found the two years I learned piano useful as it helped with so many other cognitive processes .

When we try something that is hard we need to focus entirely on the project in hand which has many benefits like reducing anxiety and building determination. If you have never considered it before and you are looking for a post Covid activity try an instrument.


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