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Why are some intelligent people more prone to psychological manipulation

There are many controversial questions regarding the definition of intelligence in our modern society, This blog refers to the definition of intelligence as the scale of the analytical mind.

Many of the most analytical people are more prone to getting sucked into quasi religious groups, Ponzi programmes and trivial children entertainment. It puzzles me as to why. Many of the most influential cults around the world survive due to a splattering on highly educated lawyers, accountants and business executive types with bags of tertiary education. They preach one thing but ensure that the finances are secure through the free advice given by members , making sure the book are in order when the revenue and customs come knocking.

My research has concluded that various mindsets are closely associated with analytical thinking. Firstly many years of academic study does not adequately prepare an individual for the emotional trauma of life especially when a person is exposed during a partially vulnerable period of their development.

Secondly an emotional response to a specific stimulus is only magnified by continuous analysis. Let me give you an example from the world of mental health. Someone falsely believes through neurotic thinking they have hit someone in their car. As they try to rationalise it through analytical thought the emotional response reinforces the negative belief system. The analytic convinces themselves that if they had nothing to worry about why have they invested so much time in worry about it in the first place. The brain says you have invested so much time because you have something to worry about.

A highly intelligent individual might also be manipulated by by a dysfunctional lover. The act of falling in love is way beyond the reaches of the analytical brain and therefore the attempt to break a toxic relationship through thinking your way out can only reinforce the conflict and self destruct mechanism of abuse.

Destructive people have three fundamental ego points they are centred around power, sex and money. Healthy relationships will transcend these three giving an adult transaction where manipulation is avoided.

The solution when exposed to these stimuli is follow your instinctive gut feeling dont over think about the unthinkable. Just do what is necessary to extricate you from an abusive situation .


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