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When promoting your business, regular advertising and an on line presence will help the customers to believe in you. However belief alone does not get the customer to buy.

In the religious world belief is common place but fewer actually trust in the faith to help them out when life becomes challenging. This is similar in business . Repetition in advertising creates familiarity and belief ( providing you don’t get to many bad reviews )

However when it comes to spending money there are other potential contrary forces at work. These might include ” I want the product but can I afford it? ” Can I get it cheaper somewhere else ? ” What do I have to go without to afford this item ” It is only when belief turns to trust that the decision is made to buy.

Trust comes after belief has been transferred to the subconscious. This requires a further step beyond familiarity. It requires contagion. Contagion occurs when you see others purchasing and using the product. This is why testimonials and reviews are so powerful. This is contagion via third party approval. First party contagion is even better where trust is built because you personally know someone who is satisfied with the purchase. They have expressed their approval in real time physically and usually face to face.

Time spent on building personal relationships will reflect back on the net and are the quickest way to produce a viral product or service.


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