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Digital technology has certainly changed our lives beyond all recognition over the last few decades The question is where are computers going from here. Artificial intelligence , robots and ever faster digital microprocessors will certainly be the future over the next few years.

I however would put my money on Quantum Computing for the next ten years. This whole new branch of technology increases our options enormously. Within the quantum world bits become cubits where the options are not just between 0 and 1 but there is a hybrid option in-between This increases computing power many times

At present the issue is around temperature Quantum computers need very cold conditions to function so domestic computers are still a way off. Although Quantum computing is in its infancy many tech. companies are working on developing them at the moment and I would guess that they will be main stream in about seven years with public access within ten years.

A final thought. If we have cryptocurrency now what currency would we use with quantum computing. Would it be Quantum Currency?