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I work for a corporate holding group,

In charge of a retail management troop,

I’ve learned to ignore our director’s tricks,

Permitted through company politics.

What frustrates me more than most of my pears,

Is how they resist such splendid ideas?

For instance a scheme I pressed to stop waste,

Was rejected because it was thought of in haste,

Systems most complex, especially designed,

Are lost on the corporate financial mind.

What counts is the jargon and smart suited looks,

And accountants, ability to balance the books.

I am fed up with bosses that backbite and natter,

And pretend they alone are the people that matter.

They leave me at lunch to work all alone,

I think I’ll start a film of my own.

Taken from the book Get In Touch With Your Talking Heads

By Peter Bull MBE

Published inBUSINESS