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Since Tim Berners Lee invented the Web hundreds of online platforms have come and gone. The ones that no longer exist are often the result of an upgrade in the technology or a loss of interest from the ever fickle behaviour of the surfers.

Initially the Net grew from gaming and pornography much of which appealed to the younger population. The early platform development came out of entertainment and has fed those with lots of spare time. With the development of the mobile phone it exploded as users could access data wherever they were. The convenience of instant information has exponentially grown online usage to over half the planets population.

Text became images and then videos as the attentions span gets less and less. Some of the most viewed information has reduced from minutes to seconds. This is due to the fact that people are now more interested in the links than the content. We are all wondering ‘what is just over the next hill’ Anticipation is more exciting that our present state.

Those platforms that have survived and grown are the ones that have adapted the best. Content has moved from the young to older people. A new platform that attracts millions of teenagers or early twenties has caught the eye of big business who has seen their popularity as an ideal advertising opportunity. These platforms have become part of the establishment and appeal to older people with more disposable income. The young who are always looking to rebel will search out new platforms that offer instant excitement with little depth.

The Web is no different from any other culture or means of communication. It is just delivered more quickly with instant appeal. As for the near future , Artificial Intelligence will shortly take over and later, Quantum computing will replace the digital process we have today. This however is material for a future blog.

Peter Bull ( Author of the Get In Touch Series of books and ebooks)

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