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What makes a social media post or video noticed? When producing a a social medial outlet there is a great deal of talk about content. I have written a blog on this recently but today I would like to look at a further aspect.

The crucial thing is the links. Many people who make popular content through subscribers don’t realise why they are so popular. It is always the links. This occurs because of a quirk in human nature. When contacted people will react automatically. If your phone rings you are mentally bound to answer it. It is human curiosity to find out why they are the target of someone else’s interest.

However most people have a preferred media This is more important than the topic. If someones preferred media is text you could email them till your are blue in the face and you will get no reply. As soon as you text they will answer. If they like to speak on the phone fifty texts produce no result but one call gets an answer.

The link principe works as follows. If you want to get in touch with someone , make a call leaving your email address , then text leaving your phone number There interest is sparked by moving from one media to another

Linking one media to another is also a powerful way to build a following. It is called third party communication. The third party is located in the link. To ask for someone to respond to a Facebook contact on facebook is more effective if you send them to a youtube video A video can link to yet another platform or a website


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