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Master the art act the part

In previous blogs I demonstrated how you can speak to the subconscious directly through the visual and auditory modality. That meant visualising and affirming your desires and goals in a repetitive way to convince the subconscious of an imagined reality. This method is based on the principle that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. It will accept information as true if presented in the right way.

In this article we will look at the third and the final means of subconscious conditioning known as the kinaesthetic modality. This is learning by doing and in this particular case acting as if. When you put affirmations ( auditory ) visualising (Visual) and acting as if (kinaesthetic ) all together your results are magnified a thousand fold.  

This method requires you to pretend to already be what you want by the way you conduct your life. It is like rehearsing for a play and must involve physical action. This activity cannot only exist in your head but must be acted out in your daily behaviour.

If you want to be rich start acting rich. Dress as well as you can even if you are visiting the laundrette. Start to cultivate wealthy friends and acquaintances. Spend a percentage of your money on high end activities every week. Hire a Rolls Royce for a day every so often or get a drink in an expensive hotel. Start to purchase small quantities of high value products that are likely to increase in value.

When you talk to people, talk about abundance and never about scarcity. Start to write a fictitious autobiography about how you made a fortune. It doesn’t matter how much you exaggerate or make up the story it will future pace your way to success.

Attend seminars, read books, count your blessings and continually feed the mind to your new found wealth. Avoid people who are negative and always see the dark side and keep away from destructive media

Employ a mentor or life coach to support and advise you through the next several months and go to groups where there is plenty of business referrals floating about. Constantly work to upgrade your skills and start applying for high end jobs. ( apply even if you think you haven’t a chance of getting them).  Study the biographies of wealthy people and try to learn from them.

Look after your health with a good diet and plenty of sleep and exercise to remain in peak physical form. Always walk tall with your head up and stride quickly.  When you engage with people continuously focus on how your interactions can be mutually beneficial to both of you. A common mistake apprentice millionaires make is they either focus too much on what they can get out of an interaction or they concentrate too much on what the other person will get. The art is to get a balance between the two for mutual benefit. 

Acting the part ‘Fake It Until You Make’ It will only work if you have done the correct preparation through affirmations and visualisation so once embarked on this programme keep all three running concurrently.

If you would like any help on how to “act as if “ please contact me

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