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How to double your reading speed in minutes

I recently read an article on social media describing how we can increase reading speed very quickly. As you can imagine a large component of success in the commercial information age is the quality and quantity of the knowledge we obtain.

Once we have figured out the right books to read we need to read them quicker and to gain maximum knowledge in the minimum time. To increase your reading speed you should make the first syllable in each word bold, leaving the rest of the word in standard print. You read the bold part and subconsciously you absorb the rest of the word through interpreting the meaning internally. The appropriate software can bolden the first syllable of each word once you have scanned the page into your computer. This saves you the trouble of having to highlife and edit every word individually. The whole process will take a second.

Using this method most people can consume an entire book in one day allowing them to read up to 365 books a year. The vast majority of the worlds population have not read 365 books in their lives. I believe it would be more effective in information storing than watching videos or listening to audio. This is because when reading, you need to actively engage you brain with the text in-front of you

Most factual ,informational, how to , self help and financial books provide up to 10 points that are worth learning. The rest is padding , repetition and anecdotal. They might be entertaining but do not progress your usable knowledge beyond these 10 points..

By doing this you put yourself in the top few percent of the most informed people on earth .

Give it a try.