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Making videos is an exciting and challenging process. There are several things you need to do if you want your video to be watched by lots i=of people Todays blogs will look at just one of them and that is of content.

What makes for good content? Simply put good content is anything anyone wants to view. There are however some topics which are universally popular. Watching children or animals at play feeds to humour whereas music is always a winner. How to, videos work well especially if a technique is speeded up with time-lapse photography Warning people of risky situations will be very widely viewed as is product analysis within niche markets.

Different platforms focus on a different form of communication. You will need to concentrate your efforts on speaking visuals demonstration external input etc. Chose a medium that you do well in and develop that. It is essential that you ally your content to some of the above popular genres mentioned above. Keep your videos short and stick to the point. When you start you needn’t focus to much on a highly polished output rather work on being authentic and you will get a following.

Finally be persistent However good you are an unknown will take some months or years to get into peoples consciousness. Remember it takes five years to become an overnight success.


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