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Considerations and benefits of getting a dog

A dog can be one of the most rewarding relationships outside human interaction. This blog looks at the considerations you might think about before acquiring such a devoted pet and the benefits when the dog finally comes home

Firstly if this is the first time you are entering into the canine world think of the cost. Caring for a dog can be expensive ( and time consuming) both for food, vet fees and employing others to walk the dog. Think also about the breed. A dogs behaviour is due largely to good training but some breeds are naturally more aggressive than others. There are laws concerning the muscling of certain breeds which you need to be aware of before acquiring your dog Finally some rescue dogs have experienced trauma by previous owners so you will need to consider this when he or she comes into your home

It is also important to consider where you are living. Is there a safe place to walk the dog. Are you going to take the dog out for a walk every day or will someone do this for you. Always remember the use of the lead as part of your training schedule. Training courses should cover all of this, involving safety for both the dog and the public, which includes the safe disposal of dog waste .

Benefits of having a dog

You must go on a course especially if you haven’t brought up a dog before. The courses will allow your dog to be exposed to other breeds and you will be taught how to care for them. The dog will reward you handsomely for the love and attention you give it.

Dogs can be very good for security and many frail people rely on their dog for safety as well as comfort. They usually provide unconditional loyalty and help to give children an early taste of responsibility. They are also a way of getting fit and daily walking the dog often becomes running with the dog pacing you. Guide dogs are also excellent at reading their masters needs.

Some dogs have a commercial aspect. This can be used as sheep dogs by farmers security dogs by night watchmen and police dogs searching for drugs at airports or criminals and even used in racing as with greyhounds. Most pet owners don’t see dogs in this light rather treat them as a valued pet and part of the family.

Finally I reiterate to do your research, go on a valid training course preferably with the puppy and talk to other owners before you take the decision.


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