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Classic ad words when writing copy in any online or offline platform

1 Free

Try to include something for nothing in your copy and use the word free on your adverts. People want something for free especially if there is no commitment attached to it.

2 Secret

If something is secret, it is by definition only open to some. This engages fascination from the reader due to a competitive nature within our psychology. People think they will have an advantage if they know something others don’t. Secrets is also a good word it extends the range of privileged knowledge.

3 Sex

This word is very powerful as it immediately filters into the imagination of the reader. People spend a great deal of time thinking about this area of life and are consistently preoccupied by it.

4 How To

When people are looking for ways to solve problems or add value to their lives they will want to learn how to accomplish it. These two words are constantly searched for on Your tube .

5 Money

Associated words will also have an impact. Words like wealth, financial independence ,rich, millionaire ,billionaire , passive income and fortune are of immediate interest as so much of the worlds population are trying to increase their income.

6 Easy.

This word is used to simplify otherwise difficult issues. We all want an easy way to achieve something difficult and this word will catch the eye of many a punter.

7 Weight loss

Weight loss is better than diet as people associate weight loss as something positive whereas diet has a negative connotation.

8 Safe /Protection

The word safe or protection will come after some sort of warning which hooks the reader in the first place. Once fearful they will be looking for a solution for their anxiety and words like how to protect yourself or safety issues will have instant appeal.

9 Discount

Unlike the word free , people who respond to discount are repaired to pay but want to see some way of paying less for the same service or product. They will regard this as a comparative exercise where they can get one thing cheaper than another.

10 Happy

Everyone wants to be happy and in any area this word applies. Of all the above examples you can apply this word to each.

Here is your exercise

Write a couple of sentences to include as many of these words as possible and from that you can figure out what you are selling.

Peter Bull ( Author of the ( GET INTOUCH SERIES)

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