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50 ways the developed world can reduce the affects of global warming


There are 2 ways we can tackle global warming and climate change. The first is thorough global projects and lobbying our political masters and the second is by small personal changes in our lives. People think that their efforts will make no difference. However this is not the case as little things will over time create a culture that accumulates into massive results.

Study the butterfly affect to see how great change will come out of tiny changes.

1. Promote tertiary education for women globally to give them the opportunity and power to delay families if they so wish. This will help control population increase.

2. Wire up all gyms to the national grid so exercise can produce electricity.

3. Give oil companies tax incentives to research and role out hydrogen fuel for transport.

4. Omnivores to reduce their meat and fish meals by two meals per week.

5. Boycott the buying of fizzy drinks in plastic bottles. Focus on glass then recycle the glass.

6 .Encourage drinks and food manufactures, through tax incentives to build recycling plants in the developing world.

7. Take one less plane flight a year.

8. Take one less car journey a week, walk kids to school or use public transport.

9. Make a list of all the stuff we don’t need and cut out anything that is wasted or not wanted.

10. Recycle all old clothes to charity shops.

11. If you are in any level of authority, publicly demonstrate frugal living in one area of your life.

12. Work from home if at all possible.

13. Schools to teach more craft subjects, encouraging the next generation to repair items and use them for longer.

14. Retailers and wholesalers to avoid as much packaging as possible when selling new products.

15 Turn off standby gadgets and lights when not in use.

16 Start green clubs where people can come up with ideas to help the planet in small ways.

17 Buy more fresh foods that are non packaged.

18 Use non plastic containers when shopping.

19 Recycle all Christmas wrapping paper.

20 Clean out old jars and use them to contain fresh food.

21 Increase access for school buses and make them free.

22 Reduce business rates for local retail outlets to help them get into profit .

23 Reduce poverty by educating children about money from an early age.

24 Encourage the uptake of decentralised cryptocurrencies to reduce global debt.

25 Pay people to work on allotments by having local allotment grocery shops.

26 Teach gardening and vegetable growing as a compulsory subject at school .

27 Commit to having a vacation in your own country every second year.

28 Encourage global micro economic interest free loans as an alternative to development aid.

29 Encourage walking as an alternative to petroleum transport. Fitness rather than pollution.

30 Set up more competitive awards for research into greener technologies .

31 Within the healthy developed world reduce food intake by 100 calories a day.

32 Set up your own sustainability fund and donate 0.1% of your income to it . When you find a way of investing it in a green technology, give it away to that project.

33 Have private vehicle free days in your local town

34 Sponsor the planting of a tree at least once a year and if you have spare land plant as many trees as you can.

35 Use all the products and foods to the very end. For example don’t throw away a pen with ink still in it.

36 Recycle all rubbish into their various components.

37 Give financial incentives to purchase greener products subsidise vegetables and tax processed food.

38 Eat more single ingredient foods .

39 Eat food that goes off quickly but eat it before it goes off.

40 Consider getting involved in politics where a green agenda is included.

41 Make all public transport free in cities.

42 Increase the number of toll roads thus taxing those that use the roads most.

43 Encourage the purchase of shares by reducing fees for companies that produce sustainable products.

44 Install electric car chargers in all houses.

45 Convert old warehouses into product refurbishmentcentres then loan items out like a practical library .

46 Set up practical universities where several practical skills can be taught at a fundamental level developing a do it yourself culture.

47 Make all showers have a hot water switch off after five minutes

48 Make cruise control mandatory on all vehicles .

49 Always use economy washes in washing machines .

50 Roll out full insulation in all properties both domestic and commercial.

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