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The formula for offering a product or service at a Seminar is very similar to a sales letter. If it is an all day seminar you need to split the day into two. The morning is devoted to giving the delegates methods of solving their problems snd the afternoon is the pitch ,where you add value.

1 The Big Promise.

You need to offer a big promise in a headline style. For example Lose 25 pounds in thirty days without feeling hungry. Another one might be, How I made 4238 dollars in just one week using this simple system. When you make a promise it must be true and achievable for members of your audience. If they think it as a scam you will be out of business very quickly

2 Make it free

It is better to offer the Seminar for free without any commitment on the delegates part to buy anything.

3 Do not send promotional emails without the customers permission

On the application form you must have a tick box for them to agree to receive emails for future offers. This is a legal requirement

4 The grand entrance

Have music before the start of the event, get someone to do the mundane housekeeping and introduce you before you make the grand entrance.

5 Expand the big promise

Your audience will be exposed to a great deal of information much of which they cannot absorb. This tactic is used to make them want more to decipher what it is all about. The presenter will convince them that the content is adding value to this free presentation. Remember to focus on benefits not features of your offer. Use visual aids and props to reinforce the point.

6 Encourage group activities

In order to develop a contagious affect within the meeting you need to invite the audience to take part in some exercise. They will inevitably end up with them chatting about anything to build a relationship. This connection between the audience will improve your chances of sales later

7 Reinforce trust

Once you have finished telling the audience about yourself ,the service or product and what it will do for them. Now is the time to reinforce trust. This is achieved by video testimonials or audio recordings of satisfied customers who have purchased from you on previous occasions. Any articles from the press or traditional media should be visible for your delegates to read.

8 Make the offer

This should be short and to the point. Tell the delegates again what the benefits are and how it trances the competition.

9 Reinforce the offer

Firstly offer, a no questions asked ,money back guarantee. The longer you can make this guarantee the more the customer will trust you.

Next. Add extra goodies for free or at a discount to make the sale more enticing. for example , If you are selling a course, add a free DVD boxset on a similar topic

Make the offer time dated. “For all those in the room today I can cut the cost by half provided you sign up before the end of the day.”

Make sure you have all the admin in place and a sales assistant to process the orders.

10 Repeat the process regularly

When the meeting is over make sure the delegates have all your contact information usually printed large on a powerpoint slide . Also thank them for coming and let them know of any future event coming up. Go home and start to prepare the next one.

Hope you enjoyed this blog Look forward to your feedback

Peter Bull

Published inPublic Speaking